Development in Dynamics NAV and Business Central (Part 1)

In the first half of a two-part Dynamics NAV | 365 Business Central Knowledge Session, we will be running through how to create a simple vehicle management system in C/AL. The aim of this session is to set up a module to be converted to the AL language and uploaded as an extension is the second half of our video.

In this video, we will start by creating the vehicle table and then adding the relevant list and card page to it. We will do this in the Dynamics NAV Development Environment using the C/AL language. We then move on to adding a table for the vehicle makes using a lookup, where users will be able to select from a pre-defined list. Then we create an action to open a fixed asset card, allowing you to relate a vehicle to a fixed asset.

Then we move on to add a table to keep a record of vehicle services and add flowfields to track how have services the vehicle has had and the total cost. We then add litres of fuel per 100km to the vehicle which can be calculated automatically using code. Following all of this, we finish with a simple vehicle management database, which is extendable using nHanced 365 to import from Excel, run from a Tile within a Panel and also reporting functionality. Our vehicle management system is accessible from Windows, web, tablet and phone clients!

Watch our video to learn how to create this vehicle management yourself and even extend and tailor it to match your needs. Also, don’t miss our second part here to convert this into the AL language and upload it to Dynamics 365 Business Central as an extension. Use the list icon in bottom right of the player to select chapters and jump straight to the parts of our video most relevant to you!

Learn how to create a simple vehicle management system in C/AL



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