Dynamics NAV - nHanced GDPR

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When the General Data Protection Regulations came into effect in May 2018, we were prepared with our nHanced GDPR product. This video will show you the way in which the nHanced GDPR product will help you to maintain a data library and allow contacts to be obfuscated altogether to remain compliant with the regulations.

We walk you through a demonstration of the product, which is contained within the familiar setting of the Dynamics NAV web client. Firstly, we look at how the data library works and then how you create the data sources to be held within it. You can also set a data retention period, set a type of file e.g. offline source, SQL database etc. Offline and online sources can be set up and live databases can be linked to and transferred using web services.

There are also data subjects, which are data topics we store, data people, who are responsible for different sections of data, and data subject groups, which are ways of grouping various pieces of personally identifiable information. Watch our video for an in-depth demonstration and see how nHanced GDPR can help you on your journey to compliance.

Need more information on Dynamics NAV & Dynamics 365 Business Central GDPR compliance? Download our white paper.



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