Introduction to Dynamics NAV 2016

Highlights of Dynamics NAV 2016

We talk about the improvements made to Dynamics NAV in the 2016 version and then move on to look at the different clients available to you, covering the phone, web and tablet client. But the familiar setting of the desktop client is where most of our webinar takes place.

One of the highlights of the Dynamics 2016 release was Workflow, the biggest functional release in the 2016 version of NAV, and we cover that extensively here. We also look at Events and Extensions, discussing what is now possible in a relatively top-level and less techy manner. But, as such an important release for Dynamics NAV 2016, we also delve into this technical topic more so in another webinar here.

We couldn’t miss talking about Power BI, Microsoft’s Business Intelligence tool, which is free to use for creating dashboards and beautiful reports. We also look at the exciting release of Azure SQL, which was introduced in 2016. Microsoft first road mapped Azure SQL back in 2015 and it was exciting for us to see a SQL database stored in Microsoft’s Azure. The idea of this was to make people more mobile, as Microsoft want people using the application when not necessarily sat at a desktop machine.

Other notable highlights from our Introduction to Dynamics NAV 2016 Knowledge Session are Incoming Document Management, Document Sending, Deferred Revenue and Posting Preview! Make sure you watch the video to absorb all of amazing releases in Dynamics NAV 2016!



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